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Website / SEO

Your website needs to be found, it needs to engage your target audience, convey your message, and sell your offering.

We optimize and design websites that can achieve these exact goals.

In German, English, or French.


You need readable, engaging, effective content for your website or blog?

We write content for your website, create blog articles, or edit your texts.

In German or English.


You want to share your knowledge or experiences?
In a blog, a book, or a research paper?

We assist in structuring your thoughts, planning your text, and getting it into an easily readable form.

In German or English.


You need an accurate and understandable translation?

We don’t just translate words, but also your thoughts (and we’re happy to edit AI translations):

English => German
German => English
French => German, English

Gabriele Bryant

Born in Germany, I lived in the US and Japan for many years, where I studied psychology and marketing, among other things.
From 2005 to 2022 I lived and worked in Switzerland as a digital marketing consultant, specializing in the hotel and tourism industry as well as general SME.

Christian Wenger

I have many years of marketing experience for various Swiss companies. In 2010 I started my own business in the field of high-end audio and was the sole distributor for Kii Audio devices in Switzerland. Since 2010, I have also been providing content as well as editorial support for online platforms such as

In 2022 we realized our long-held dream and moved to beautiful Languedoc. Thanks to modern communication technology, we are available to companies in Switzerland, Germany, and France for all matters and projects related to websites, content, and SEO (Gabriele) or specialized audio content (Christian).

We work with a network of experienced professionals in specialized digital areas such as tracking, programming, SEA & social ads, etc.


In two decades we were privileged to work for many different and satisfied customers. Find out more here.

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